The Sudanese Shipping Lines Company is considered one of the first companies working in the field of maritime transport in Africa, the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East, and a pioneer in the field of logistics services. The company is keen to provide the best integrated solutions in the field of transport and supply chains in the process of providing door-to-door transport service.

The shipping lines also have a long history, which started in the year (1959) and its first launch in the field of commercial work since the year (1962) as a partnership with the Yugoslav government, and accordingly it was the nucleus of owning a huge and diverse national navigation fleet, which roamed the seas east and west, north and south in perfect harmony His ships bear the names of Sudanese cities.This fleet effectively contributed to the renaissance of Sudan economically, socially and politically in all eras of time by enhancing its marine exports and imports, which had a clear impact on the development of the country’s maritime transport sector.

The Sudan Shipping Lines Company works to provide a wide range of logistical services in the Red Sea, the Arabian Gulf, China and India, including the Mediterranean Sea. Many countries including Jeddah, China and Turkey.

Sudan Shipping Lines Company always seeks to provide comprehensive plans for shipping and logistics services individually designed to meet all the needs and requirements of customers and strive to satisfy them, through decades of experience and expertise, and a commitment to provide the necessary services efficiently and safely.

The company works to provide trucks and trailers to provide door-to-door transportation services, as well as to meet all transportation operations whenever necessary.

The company offers the possibility of leasing ships, containers and equipment, as well as providing cranes of all kinds.

Providing a highly qualified human cadre and supplying manpower from machine operators, drivers and workers.

The company works to provide value-added services.

The company is concerned with providing customs clearance services for goods issued and imported at all land, sea and air ports through its golden license, which allows it to clear any customs point within the borders of the country.

The company has modern storage facilities, both open and covered, and enjoys strategic locations. It also uses the latest technology and employs the latest systems to manage storage and programs in order to provide the highest possible quality while ensuring the provision of value-added services such as packaging, etc., in order to reduce the cost of storage.

The company provides its customers with an electronic tracking service for their shipments at all stages of the transportation, storage and clearance process.

Shipping agency services.

Travel and tourism services.

Loading and unloading services with the latest handling equipment.

Ship provisioning services and fuel.

Container maintenance and repair services through an integrated workshop and highly qualified and experienced staff.

Sudan Shipping Lines Company for Logistics Services works to provide the best services to its customers, allowing them to track all work activities of the company and track their shipments to ensure work efficiency.